“Paul's one great passion was the Cross of Christ, not salvation, nor sanctification, but the great truth that God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son." ~Oswald Chambers


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The 25-Minute show brings an interview with Emmanuel Acho, good and bad fan stories, Bryce’s thoughts on DVR and marriage,

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On this weekend’s 50-Minute show, Bryce unpacks UCONN’s win, March Madness burrito prices, a Letterman story, the Masters, and two

25 MINUTES of Daniel Murphy's Paternity Leave...

On this weekend’s 25-Minute Show, Bryce tells what he’s convinced of when Mets’ second baseman, Daniel Murphy, decides to take


Beyond The Mic

I'm Convinced...Winning is in the Eye of the Beholder

Admin | March 28, 2014
I’m convinced March Madness proves the idea that winning is in the eye of the beholder. You could argue every team’s goal should be winning the NCAA tournament, but fans, coaches, and players all know there is a lot more to it. In reality, each [...]    Read More »

I'm Convinced...We Should Only Fill Out ONE Bracket!

Admin | March 21, 2014
I’m convinced brackets are what bring fans together during March Madness. One of my favorite activities surrounding sports is filling out, discussing, and ultimately crumpling up my brackets each year during the NCAA Tournament. We all know the games are exciting with buzzer beaters, upsets, [...]    Read More »

I'm Convinced...Wichita State Winning It All Would be GREAT

Admin | March 14, 2014
I’m convinced…Wichita State winning the National championship would be great for college basketball. I’m convinced this year’s tournament will be so unpredictable that I can’t be bold enough to say they will win it all, but I think it would be amazing if they did. [...]    Read More »

I'm Convinced...Sports Loyalty Isn't Box-Sized

Admin | March 07, 2014
I’m convinced loyalty in sports can be found, but you can’t put it in a box. Being loyal to others is important and we appreciate when others are loyal to us. Don’t we all want loyal family members, friends, and co-workers? But I’m convinced when it [...]    Read More »

I'm Convinced...Winter Olympics are Worth Watching

Admin | February 08, 2014
I’m convinced the Summer Olympics are more exciting than the Winter Olympics. Even so, I’m convinced I will still enjoy watching all of the exciting competition.   Although I always root for my home country, and hope Americans perform well, I’m convinced there’s nothing wrong [...]    Read More »