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UNPACKIN’ it® would love to broadcast on your radio station. Stations have the option to carry two different versions of the talk show or a weekly faith and sports commentary minute. The UNPACKIN’ it Minute is also available for websites to embed on your site for free.


Details for the Syndicated UNPACKIN’ it Radio Show

Show Summary: Bryce Johnson hosts a fast-paced, integrity-based, weekend faith and sports radio show. It’s a nationally focused sports talk show with a Christian perspective and an upbeat style. Bryce unpacks the week’s biggest sports stories and inspires listeners to pursue Christ. His passion is reaching sports fans with the gospel through talking sports.

Length: 25 minutes of pre-recorded content with no commercial breaks. Stations can also carry a 50-minute version of the show that includes sponsors/commercials and four segments.

When: The show is available to air on Saturdays or Sundays.

Distribution: The show is made available and syndicated through UNPACKIN’ it Ministries on Friday afternoons.

Demographic: Bryce has a unique way of entertaining sports fans of all ages.  However, he specializes in the 25-40 male demographic. 

Listen to Bryce being interviewed by an affiliate: Bryce’s Interview 

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Details on the UNPACKIN’ it Faith and Sports Minute

Enjoy Bryce’s quick encouragement as he unpacks a spiritual thought relating to sports.

If you are interested in your radio station or website carrying this faith and sports minute, please contact:  Listen here: Faith Minute


What others are saying

“Heard your show for the first time on Saturday while driving to work. Love the idea of a national sports show that includes a discussion about God and faith. I wish you much success for the show. Will be listening each Saturday and will spread the word. Blessings from Beantown!”

“The show was awesome this past weekend. Even my wife (who hates sports) was inspired by it! Nice…”

“The show has been great…I love your fantasy takes, and everyone I’ve asked who has heard the show or that I have had listen to it loves it.”

“Nice show Bryce! Listened to it as I am home waiting out Hurricane Sandy.”

 “Wow, he has a great voice and a great visual presence.”

“I just want to let you know that I am really going to enjoy listening to the new radio show UNPACKIN’ it with Bryce Johnson on Saturday mornings at 7:30 a.m. Thank you for adding this new show.”

“UNPACKIN’ it  is a great show!  I caught your show over the air waves for the first time today. The show was featured on WLON. I appreciate the program and look forward to the next broadcast.”

 “I listened to the Super Bowl preview podcast. It seriously is good stuff!  I was blown away how good you tie it all together.”

“The show is a blessing here. Glad you are hitting some of the younger men!”

“I look forward to hearing you each week, man.”