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25 MINUTES of Deflate-Gate, Shaq's New Show, Unbroken & All-Star Favorite, Steph Curry

January 24, 2015

On this week’s 25-minute show, Bryce throws out questions about everyone weighing in on the Deflate-Gate story involving Tom Brady. He also brings his BEST stories of the week, including a Shaquille O’Neal comedy for TruTV, Louie Zamperini’s life portrayed in Unboken, and Steph Curry beating [...]

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UNDER REVIEW: Players Giving God Credit for Wins...Does God Care Who Wins?

January 23, 2015

Ed Uszynski joins Bryce, as they put players giving God credit for wins UNDER REVIEW…and ask the question: “Does God care who wins?”The guys discuss: Russell Wilson being the key to this conversation. Critics wondering if it’s proper to bother God with prayer about life’s trivialities. Quarterback [...]

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UNDER REVIEW: Ohio State's Championship Win

January 17, 2015

Ed Uszynski joins Bryce to put Ohio State’s Championship win UNDER REVIEW. The guys discuss: The Urban Meyer story Cardale Jones’ decision to return to school The “3 QB Dilemma” for next year Affecting The Big 10 With a PhD in American Culture Studies, Ed is a [...]

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25 MINUTES of Cardale Jones Decision, College QBs, NFL Playoffs & Cubbies Pizza

January 17, 2015

The weekend’s 25-minute show is filled with talk about Cardale Jones staying at Ohio State, college QBs who win championships but don’t perform well in the NFL, changes for Broncos after loss to Colts, and a special pizza in Chicago.

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NBA: NBA Draft

50 MINUTES of NFL Playoffs, Doc Rivers Coaches Son, Rex Ryan Moves to Buffalo & Ref Calls

January 17, 2015

On this weekend’s 50-minute show, Bryce unpacks the NFL playoffs, Doc Rivers’ bold decision to coach his son, Rex Ryan’s move to the Bills, and what can be learned from arguments over ref calls. Podcast: Play in new window | Download

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25 MINUTES of Great NFL Match-ups, Players with Heart & a Little Girl's Dream Comes True

January 10, 2015

Bryce brings his best stories of the week on the 25-minute show, including playoff match ups between Luck and Manning and Romo and Rodgers…kindhearted players…and Dream on 3 granting a wish of a little girl with a brain tumor. Podcast: Play in new window | [...]

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