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UNDER REVIEW: Stereotypes in Sports & Life

October 10, 2014

Ed Uszynski joins the UNPACKIN’ it show for his weekly segment with Bryce called, UNDER REVIEW. Ed and Bryce put the issue of stereotypes in sports and life UNDER REVIEW. They specifically discuss racial stereotypes after the comments made by Nik Stauskas this week.  Podcast: Play in new [...]

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50 MINUTES of Jason Avant Interview, Stereotypes & Onside Kicks

October 10, 2014

The 50-Minute weekend show brings Bryce’s interview with Jason Avant, stereotypes put Under Review with Ed Uszynski, and talk about the art of onside kicks and kind team gestures made to young fans.  Podcast: Play in new window | Download

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25 MINUTES of Cost to Chris Bosh, Vick Unprepared, and Bryce's BEST

October 10, 2014

On this weekend’s 25-Minute show, Bryce unpacks Michael Vick not being prepared, a sports writer having the last laugh, and two teams reaching out to fans in a great way. Bryce also closes the show with a faith thought involving the cost of sacrifice Chris Bosh [...]

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25 MINUTES of Fan Panic, NFL Crazy Records, Dwayne James' Comments, and Pee Wee Football

October 04, 2014

October is a sports-filled month, and Bryce has plenty to discuss on this weekend’s 25-Minute show. He shares a faith thought about people panicking in sports and life…questions what is happening to crazy team records around the NFL…mentions Dwayne Wade’s comment about last season not being fun [...]

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50 Minutes of APP State Coach Honored, Justin Forsette's Opportunity, NFL & NBA Talk & Week's BEST Stories

October 04, 2014

Bryce has a jam-packed 50-Minute show this weekend. He talks about the Wade/James friendship; rooting for Ravens’ running back, Justin Forsette; players going against former teams; great match-ups this weekend; players becoming coaches; and honoring Coach Jerry Moore at this weekend’s APP State game. Bryce [...]

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50 MINUTES of QB Support, Today's Sports Environment & NFL Bandwagon Hopping

September 27, 2014

The 50-Minute show includes an intriguing conversation with Ed Uszynski, who has a PhD in American Culture Studies, about the current state of sports. Bryce also discusses the importance of a head coach supporting his QB, this weekend’s NFL games, and what bandwagon he is [...]

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