Details for the Weekly Syndicated UNPACKIN’ it Radio Show


Show Summary: Each weekend, Bryce Johnson interviews intriguing guests about sports…faith…and life on the nationally-syndicated radio show, UNPACKIN’ it.

With a Biblical perspective and an upbeat style, Bryce brings on fascinating guests from the sports and entertainment world: NFL Hall of Famers; Pro and College Coaches; NFL Quarterbacks; Heisman Trophy Winners; and Broadcasters.

Bryce’s passion is to inspire listening sports fans to follow Jesus and become more like Him by sharing stories and insight from some of the most respected people in sports.

Previous Guests: Tony Dungy, Ernie Johnson, Clark Kellogg, Jim Kelly, Derek Carr, and Bobby Bowden.

Length: 26 minutes of Pre-Recorded Content and Commercials (with Two Segments) 

When: The show is available to air on Saturdays or Sundays.

Distribution: The show is made available for download on Friday afternoons.

Demographic: Bryce has a unique way of entertaining sports fans of all ages. 

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Details on the UNPACKIN’ it Faith and Sports 2-Minute Feature, UNPACK this…

Bryce offers a quick encouragement, as he unpacks a Biblical principle and how it relates to a current sports story.

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What Listeners are Saying…


“You do a fantastic job of connecting faith with sports and interweaving important topics into the discussion. Thank you for your work and God’s blessings on it!”

“I heard your broadcast for the 1st time yesterday morning & absolutely loved it. Please keep on spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ & mixing in sports!”

“Just wanted to drop you a quick note to say I caught some of this past weekend’s program on AM 1260 out of Holland, MI. I was out on a couple errands and was able to listen for about an half-hour. You do a really nice job conversing with your guests. Really enjoyed your final couple minutes of commentary on the changing of college basketball coaches. Thanks for all you do. Lord bless as you continue serving Him!”

“What you are doing is awesome! I think it’s really cool that you recognized that the normal sports show you were doing in the past wasn’t enough. Then you felt this calling to mix in God with sports and to be able to help connect people that may be lost or are feeling like they are going off target in their spiritual walk. Keep it up man!”

“Heard your show for the first time on Saturday while driving to work. Love the idea of a national sports show that includes a discussion about God and faith. I wish you much success for the show. Will be listening each Saturday and will spread the word. Blessings from Beantown!”

“The show was awesome this past weekend. Even my wife (who hates sports) was inspired by it! Nice…”

“The show has been great…I love your fantasy takes, and everyone I’ve asked who has heard the show or that I have had listen to it loves it.”

“Had a few minutes this morning while I am in Texas and listened to your Super Bowl program.  Love how you frame the issues for this Super Bowl and the conversational tone that your program has. You are definitely a PRO!”

“Nice show Bryce! Listened to it as I am home waiting out Hurricane Sandy.”

“Wow, Bryce has a great voice and a great visual presence.”

“I just want to let you know that I am really going to enjoy listening to the new radio show UNPACKIN’ it with Bryce Johnson on Saturday mornings at 7:30 a.m. Thank you for adding this new show.”

“UNPACKIN’ it  is a great show! I caught your show over the air waves for the first time today. The show was featured on WLON. I appreciate the program and look forward to the next broadcast.”

 “I listened to the Super Bowl preview podcast. It seriously is good stuff!  I was blown away how good you tie it all together.”

“UNPACKIN’ it is a great show! I appreciate the program, and look forward to hearing it each week.”

“The show is a blessing here. Glad you are hitting some of the younger men!”

“I look forward to hearing you each week, man.”

“Enjoyed the show a lot! Keep up the amazing work!”  

“I listen to Bryce on the weekends. He is so totally un-aggravating in the way he mixes religion into his commentary. A good role model.”

“You are on the money. I appreciate what you are saying and this is exactly what this world needs. Jesus engaged the hurting world where they were. He taught them in ways they understood…whether using agriculture or religious themes. We can do that in the sports world too. I want to reach sports fans! I will be praying my friend. I believe in this ministry and you!”

“I’m an avid sports and Jesus fan like yourself. You have a great job and I can tell that you know it and love it! Keep up the good work! I will keep you and your show in prayer that God will continue to grow you in every way.”

“Sports radio being full of all the negativity and cruel jokes is just a sign that you are right where you need to be – seeking to bring Jesus to the center of it all.”

“If not for guys like you bringing the things you bring up, it would be just another weekend of noise on the radio.”

“By the way…I turn off ESPN radio to listen to you guys.”

 “I listened to the show when you had Perry Tuttle on – it was inspiring…wish it went on all day.”