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  1. The Final Sunday – A Football Memory with My Grandpa Jack

    When I began writing this blog, Super Bowl 50 was less than six hours away from kickoff with my favorite team, the Carolina Panthers, facing the Denver Broncos in the final Sunday of the season. As I reflect on this exciting year, I also realize it was bittersweet for me personally. It all began in week one when the Panthers faced the Jacksonville Jaguars. Week one always brings great energy with every team having some level of hope, and fantasy owners thinking this will be their winning season. Like every…

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  2. It Happened…HGTV Infiltrated My Man Cave!

    I spent most of my 20s as a single guy catching as many games as possible. I attended lots of games – from the NFL to the NBA to college football and basketball. The rest of the games I watched sitting on my couch in front of my TVs. Yes, TVs is plural because in college I realized how much better watching two TVs was compared to watching only one. Ever since then, I’ve tried to stay true to that philosophy. Well, I finally met a woman I wanted to…

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  3. Waiting for Marriage and Eternity

    As you probably know by now, I’m engaged to be married this summer to my wonderful fiancee, Jodi.  I am very excited and in many ways I don’t want to wait any longer. I want it to happen today, so I can stop worrying about the tux I still need to rent (I wanted to buy a suit, but lost that battle) or the fact my current roommate leaves his fan on when it’s 20 degrees outside! Beyond that, I look forward to starting my new life with my wife…

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