After three days and seven rounds, another NFL Draft is over. That means every draft “expert” comes out with their grades for each team’s draft performance. Based on their opinions, they determine whether or not a team made the right picks. 

Obviously these analysts have limited knowledge and can’t tell the future, yet they still hand out their grades. Plenty of teams will get a poor grade for a certain selection, but that player could turn out to be a real star and a great draft pick.

It seems to me the experts should hold off on giving out their draft grades until after a player’s career is over. Before judging whether or not a player was the right draft choice, they should see how that guy fits into a team’s system, how the money affects him, and how healthy he remains. To hand out a simple grade is rather shortsighted.

We, too, can often attach grades or judge certain situations in our lives before seeing them play out. With our limited perspective, we jump to conclusions and quickly determine something is really bad or won’t work out. We hand out “F’s” when we don’t get the job we applied for…or when we have to relocate…or when a deal doesn’t go through…or when we struggle with health or family situations.

At first glance, these scenarios appear to be terrible and not what we would choose for our lives. However, God sees things from a completely different view, and knows how the “F’s” will fit together in His plan. He can turn the worst “draft picks” around because the Bible promises in Romans 8:28 (ESV): And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to His purpose.”

Just like draft experts don’t see the big picture and don’t know how each player will fit into a team’s plan, we don’t always realize how God will use all things for our good. Before we hand out our grades, let’s trust Him and be patient to see how His will unfolds. I’m Bryce Johnson and you can unpack that!

PRAYER: Heavenly Father, thank you for using all things for my good, even if that means certain situations will be difficult. Please help me to trust You when the outlook appears bleak. I pray I won’t jump to conclusions and assume things will remain bad, but instead believe that You will use them for good. I thank you for Your power and love. In Jesus’ name, amen.