2018 has gotten off to a strong start in the sports world with Georgia knocking off Oklahoma in an epic 54-48 double overtime win…and Alabama convincingly beating the reigning National Champion, Clemson Tigers, 24-6.

After watching the four-hour Georgia game and the first half of the Alabama game, I decided to take a shower break. Of course, I used my DVR (one of the greatest inventions in sports history) to pause the live action, but when I returned to catch up on what I had missed, it hit me how the game was still going on without me.

Plays were taking place, Alabama touchdowns were being scored, and the players and coaches were still working – despite the game being delayed for me.

Not finding out what had taken place until later, made me think howmany of us today are feeling like our lives are on “pause” and that we are waiting for something that is being delayed.

As followers of Jesus, however, we can cling to the hope that God is still working in the midst of us not knowing what is going on. He is moving and orchestrating His perfect plan, even when we find ourselves on “pause.”

We can rest in knowing that although it appears to be a delay from our perspective, God is continuously and actively molding us into becoming more like Jesus.

The Bible tells us in John 5 about a man who had been sick for thirty-eight years who was waiting to be healed. As Jesus interacted with him, He said, “Stand up, pick up your mat, and walk!”

The man was healed, but the Jewish leaders were giving Jesus a hard time because the miracle happened on the Sabbath when no work was to be done.

Verses 16-17 explain: “So the Jewish leaders began harassing Jesus for breaking the Sabbath rules. But Jesus replied, ‘My Father is always working, and so am I.’”

How awesome to know that God is always working…performing miracles…accomplishing His will…and transforming our lives!

Our lives may be on “pause” right now, but at just the right moment, God will show us what’s been taking place and remind us that He was actively and lovingly working in our lives the whole time.

I’m Bryce Johnson and you can unpack that!

PRAYER: Heavenly Father, I admit there are areas of my life that seem paused and delayed. I’m waiting to see what You’re up to, but I trust that You are doing incredible things that I don’t even realize right now. I know that You love me and are working in my life to make me more like Jesus. It’s in His name I pray, Amen.