Matt Overton shares his inspiring story about making it to the NFL, being cut, injured, and growing in his faith along the way.


Matt Overton is a long snapper for the Jacksonville Jaguars. He spent 2012-2016 playing for the Indianapolis Colts where he made the Pro Bowl in 2013. He played his college football at Western Washington. In November he was placed on injured reserve and is recovering from a dislocated shoulder. Matt Overton has remained upbeat as you can see on his twitter page @MattOverton_LS and he joins us on the podcast to talk football, faith, and life.

Other Topics Include:

  • His thoughts on the Jags vs. Steelers game
  • Why Jacksonville was the last team he thought he wanted to play for
  • How God has worked in his life during the unexpected
  • What it’s like being on IR during his team’s playoff run
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