This is What You’re Saying About the Radio Show and Podcasts:

Hey man subscribed to the podcast this past week. Love it. You didn’t make it too focused on sports or Jesus. I thought it was awesome how you could talk about both without feeling like you were forcing tying everything to God. They are intermingled and should be able to be talked about the same way.

UNPACKIN’ it is a great show! I caught it over the air waves for the first time today. I appreciate the program and look forward to the next broadcast.

I heard your broadcast for the first time yesterday morning and absolutely loved it. Please keep on spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ and mixing in sports.

The show was awesome this past weekend. Even my wife (who hates sports) was inspired by it!

Loved the show today, man! It was great!

Thank you for all that you do every day to spread the love of Jesus! You are a blessing to all of us! I love sports and I love Jesus! Your daily devotional and podcasts are truly an inspiration and my goal every day is to be more like Jesus. Thank you so very much!


And About Being On the Team:

It’s a pleasure to be on a winning team like Unpackin’ it Ministries. I’ve been able to share your words of encouragement with my wife, friends and family. They appreciate what you do! God bless you and we all wish you continued success from the Pacific NW!

Thank you for what you are doing to help all of us just get through the daily struggles and keep strong in our Faith.

I will be sharing your Ministry with all that will listen and will not give up on the ones that don’t.


And About the Devotional:

Wonderful, perfect word, and it continues a theme that I am on…to be content in what I have, instead of the concern over those things missing. He does provide, and it’s faith and peace that is being built. Thanks for your insights always.

Awesome message as usual! It is really tough to define success without somehow qualifying it. That’s where faith really has to come into play and you have to trust in God’s plan more than your own. You are really becoming an even better disciple and preacher of God’s word every day. Keep it up!

I’ve been enjoying the daily devotional. You have great insight into how sports parallel life. I also enjoyed the Tony Dungy and Justin Leonard interviews.

I’ve been reading your column for a few months now. I like just about any sport under God’s golden sun, but golf has special appeal for me. So just a note to thank you for today’s reflections on RF’s triumph over the 54-hole challenge. It was, for me, one of your best columns. Keep on blessin’ and bein’ a blessin.‘”

I love getting your Devos each day and wanted to let you know that I am thankful for you and that I hope you continue in your success.

Really liked your post today about Steph Curry and money. Reminded me to be thankful for my blessings instead of worrying about how other dentists are doing. Thanks!

Thank you so much for sending these out daily and for having your podcast available. Your message and words inspire not only myself, but others in my life and around the world as well. Keep up the great job and God Bless!!”

I wanted to tell you how I have enjoyed your devotionals. I am not so much into sports, but even I can get blessed by your message. I am sharing your link with my family and church family.

Another great devotion Bryce! God is really working through you. I love the examples you choose from today’s sports headlines and how you beautifully apply it to our walk with God. Keep up the great work!

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading your devotions this week. Thank you for the encouraging words! I love how you use current & relevant stories. You allow the sports stories of this current week become content for the devotion.Thank you & God Bless!

You really have a gift for this. I look forward to these devotionals every day and have shared some with my boys. Thanks for your obedience to the Lord.

Great devos – today’s was just what God wanted me to hear.  Thanks for being obedient to His call in your life.  You’re surely having an impact on others.

Bryce, hope you’re well. Just wanted to send along a note that I’ve really been enjoying your morning newsletter. Keep up the great work and spreading the Gospel.

This one really resonated – praise God for your faithful ministry in this!

Nailed it man! And…Loving the ministry, man. UNPACK this is awesome, thank you and keep it up.

Another beautiful message, man! You clearly have the gift of insight.

I just thought I would reach out to you, thank you for what you do and encourage you as you go forth to keep up the excellent work.

Just wanted to say my Dad and I love your daily devotionals!  They are a great start to the day and each is so applicable.  Keep up the great work!

Thanks for the devotions! My wife and I really enjoy reading them and praying through them.

Good devo buddy and forwarded it out to some guys I know.

Needed to be reminded of this this morning. Thanks brother!”

Your devotionals are very thought provoking and encouraging in my walk of faith.  I have not been able to give as I have wanted, but when I can I want to try and help. Little is much when God is in it. God bless you both. Thank you.

Keep doing what you are doing. I believe that God must be very pleased when he reads your devotionals and sees how you are attracting, as well as maintaining, members of God’s kingdom!

I really enjoy reading the emails from “Unpackin it!” You are helping people understand and come closer to God using scripture, and making the relation between sports and the way the Bible says we should live. Keep it up man!

Fantastic devotion today! It really spoke to me. We can’t settle. It’s always a challenge for me to “raise the bar” in my life as a Christian. Keep up the great work! God bless.

Best devotional yet my man! Awesome way to jump start my day!

Dude, I loved the Unpack this today. Hit me like a ton of bricks. That passage was incredible. Thanks for that man.