Displaying Today’s sports fans have a variety of sports to choose from and numerous options to watch them.

The NBA tips off tonight with a lot of hype and great story lines. I can’t wait to see Durant and the Warriors, and find out how the Spurs and Lakers play without Kobe and Duncan.

The World Series starts tonight, as well, with the most intriguing match up we’ve had in quite some time. Even casual baseball fans are excited to tune in to view the Indians and Cubs.

Then, of course, college football and the NFL are in full swing right now. Unfortunately, there appears to be a lot of negativity surrounding the NFL and conversations are taking place about what’s wrong with the game.

Interestingly, with the NFL losing attention, baseball and basketball are gaining momentum. Sports fans seem to be shifting their focus and positivity toward those sports instead.

From a time standpoint, keeping up with every sport and following every game is very difficult. But even though baseball is more interesting than the NFL at the moment (in my opinion), as a sports fan I can’t cast aside the NFL and stop watching.

The NFL still plays a key role in the sports landscape, even if it’s not the number one focus right now. In other words, sports fans don’t have to downplay one sport in order to love the other. They are all great and make up the world of sports fandom.

As a follower of the Bible, I am blown away by how much God has revealed to us through His Word. There are so many important truths throughout all of scripture. However, sometimes we focus on one truth more than another, or even downplay a certain aspect of following Jesus while emphasizing a different one.

Worship, prayer, love, forgiveness, grace, and witnessing are all significant in our life of faith. Some seasons we may focus on one aspect more than another, but they don’t have to compete against each other and are all crucial to our walk with Jesus.

To be a well-rounded sports fan, we embrace baseball, basketball, football, etc. by appreciating what makes each of them special to the sports world. To be a well-rounded follower of Jesus, it’s important to appreciate the Bible as a whole and all that God teaches us – not just pick and choose what we “like.”

Ultimately, as a Bible believing follower of Jesus, we put ourselves under the authority of scripture and put our full trust in Him. We welcome all of His teachings and hold onto what Jesus says in John 14:6 (ESV): Jesus said to him, ‘I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.'”

As we continue to grow in our faith as followers of Jesus, let’s remember the fullness of scripture and the centrality of Jesus. Let’s not get distracted by arguing what verses are more important than others, but instead humbly pursue Jesus knowing He is the way, the truth and the life. I’m Bryce Johnson and you can unpack that!

PRAYER: Heavenly Father, I am amazed by the depth of Your character and Your Word. Help me to embrace all of You, and all of Your scripture without downplaying certain aspects of faith that I struggle with or don’t identify with as well. I know you’ve given us those truths for a reason, so I pray You would allow them to penetrate my heart. I put my faith in Jesus and pray this in His name, Amen.