As you probably know by now, I’m engaged to be married this summer to my wonderful fiancee, Jodi.  I am very excited and in many ways I don’t want to wait any longer. I want it to happen today, so I can stop worrying about the tux I still need to rent (I wanted to buy a suit, but lost that battle) or the fact my current roommate leaves his fan on when it’s 20 degrees outside!

Beyond that, I look forward to starting my new life with my wife and moving on from the “bachelor’s life” that I’ve been living for so many years. Sure, I’ll miss watching as many sporting events as I used to and cleaning up my dishes when I feel like it…but overall I’m ready to take the plunge.

I know many people are engaged way longer than we will be, but I’m still impatient.  My brother will be engaged for about a year and a half compared to my seven months, but the short time I have to wait still feels like forever.  When my future life appears to look better than my current life, I just want it to happen right away.

The thing I’ve realized though, is I need to take advantage of this season of my life.  I’m engaged not married right now, and there are responsibilities I need to take care of and lessons I still need to learn during this time. I need to continue to prepare for marriage and focus on becoming the husband I’m capable of being. I can’t speed up time, but I can make the most of the time I have.

I see a connection to how I feel about marriage to how I feel about eternity.  There are many difficult days here on earth when I wish I could just be with God in Heaven.  I know that’s what will happen eventually, but sometimes I want that to be today.

I don’t want to handle bills or deal with different issues – I just want Jesus to come back so that we can live in harmony together.

However, I have to come to grips with the fact that God still wants me here and wakes me up each morning to accomplish something for His glory. I’m on earth each day for a purpose…His purpose.  I’m thankful that eternity is around the corner, just like I’m thankful marriage is around the corner for me (unless Jesus comes back first of course…which is tough to think about – haha), but neither are here yet.

For now I must live in the moment and do what needs to be done today.  I’ll continue to do my best to prepare for marriage…and more importantly prepare for Heaven.