UNPACKIN’ it Ministries enjoys serving closely with churches, and would love to discuss ways to partner with your church.

Contact Bryce@UNPACKINIT.COM to discuss any of the following:

  • Resource Partner: We provide content for the sports fans of your church. Our content can be used for your men’s ministry, sports leagues, or young adult ministries.
  • Fantasy Football: What if Fantasy Football could be used to create community for the fans of your church, as well as, connect them to Jesus? We can provide content and strategies to help you make the most of this key activity for so many fans.
  • Events: Bring UNPACKIN’ it to your church for an event. Bryce Johnson can speak or interview athletes in multiple formats.
  • Support Partner: Become a financial supporter to help sustain the ministry efforts of UNPACKIN’ it Ministries, as we challenge, encourage, and inspire sports fans to follow Jesus and become more like Him.
  • PACKs: Use our small group model to help connect with the sports fans of your church who aren’t already plugged into a small group. (More Info)