Selected “UNPACK this…” devotionals are featured on Athletes In Action’s website. Read Here


Bryce Johnson is a contributor to Lifeway Men’s, Stand Firm devotionals, with its readership of 70,000. READ HERE

UNPACKIN’ it has multiple devotional plans on The Bible App. The devotionals feature intriguing sports stories through a lens of faith, unpacking Biblical truths that will challenge, encourage, and inspire you. We have specific plans for fans of the NFL, Golf, Olympics, the NBA and College Basketball. READ HERE

Be There Dad® is an organization whose purpose is to help dads become engaged and stay involved in the lives of their children. The Be There Dad concept relies on the “power of presence.” That idea says that when dads are involved in the lives of their children in a positive way, good things happen.

Clips from the weekend UNPACKIN’ it show are made available as a resource to encourage, entertain, and challenge Be There Dads. READ HERE

Select devotionals are available for sports ministry leaders to use in chapel settings and Bible Studies. CLICK HERE